Health Current – 7 Negative Effects And Signs Of High Blood Sugar

Health Current, Here Are Some Negative Effects And Signs Of High Blood Sugar

Sugar/Sweetness: when it comes to our health and fitness. And it’s no coincidence as sugar really does bad things to our systems. In case you are not totally aware of these, here is what happens to your system specifically when you take too much sugar.

1: Sugar ages your face:

Studies have shown that those with higher sugar in their blood tend to look older than those with lower levels. In fact for every millimeter per little rise in blood sugar levels the perceived age of that individual rose by at least 5 months.

2: Sugar is linked to acne:

Although not many studies have found a clear link between sugar and acne, there is some evidence that sugar contributes to acne outbreaks in the face and body. If you suspect this is the culprit of your acne symptoms, do a little experiment and avoid sugar and refined carbs and see if you notice things getting better.

3: Energy drinks

Sugar and especially Energy drinks raise the risk of developing diabetes type 2 by 83%. In a relevant study with over 90000 women subjects, the women who drink an Energy drink every day had an 83% raised risk of developing Diabetes 2 compared to those who consumed Energy drinks less often.

4: Sugar gives empty calories:

Although sugar may act as a very temporary source of energy, it is completely void of any nutrients and minerals that are good for you.

5: Sugar makes us feel hungry.

A relevant study by Yale University has found that the people who consume more sugar compared to others tend to feel more hungry afterward and sugar only provides empty calories.

6: Sugar blocks leptin and increases insulin;

Sugar blocks leptin and increases insulin to huge levels. Leptin is actually a hormone responsible for sending our systems the signal that we are full and shouldn’t be eating more. However, when we take sugar, this hormone is blocked and we tend to feel more prone to eat more. Not only that, it also raises insulin levels in our brains and this makes any attempts to burn fat and lose weight extra hard.

7: It leads to belly fat:

If you have a tendency to store fat in your belly region, perhaps sugar could be a possible factor why. There are actually many studies who have found a link between sugar consumption and belly fat as well as heart diseases.

Now some people may be wondering about fruit, which is rich in natural sugars. Since fruit contains sugars that come with nutrients, you can consume fruit in moderation without any worries.
However, they still contain sugar and you should opt for wholesome fruits instead of juices and smoothies as these end up having a higher sugar content due to their juicing process.

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