Mia Khalifa Interview –  Porn star earned only $ 12000 from porn Movies

Former Porn star Mia Khalifa has accused directors of making pornographic films that exploit and exploit young girls.

Mia Khalifa
Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa, a 26-year-old Lebanese, said in a recent interview that corporations making Porn films trap needy girls in a trap by legal means.

Interviewing his friend Megan Abbott, who said that she had not yet “recognized” her past

Mia used to refrain from talking about her entire career but now ‘I am ready to shed light on every contentious aspect of my past because if I confess something to myself, it cannot be used against me. ‘

Mia worked in Porn films for three months in 2014 and 2015 and is still one of the most searched porn stars on the Internet. However, according to her, She earned about $ 12,000 in the meantime.

‘From that time until now I have not received a penny.’

Despite his retirement, a website named after him is still active, but according to Mia, She is neither the owner nor does he make any profit from it.

“I just want this site to be renamed and not be named after me.”

In a recent interview, a Lebanese artist spoke about the struggles after leaving his full industry. Mia revealed that when she wanted to leave sex work and become associated with sports commentary, many companies refused to work with her because of her past.

“It was also feared that I would never find a man like my fiancee.” This year, Mia engaged

Sweden’s chef and Instagram star Robert Sandberg.

Threats of Islamic State:

Although his entire career was quite short, She also raised many controversies.

In her most famous breasts, she appeared to be wearing a hijab.

Mia Khalifa In Hijab

As the video surfaced on the Internet, it became a hit. The Islamic State started threatening to kill me and they also sent me photos of my apartment via Google Maps ‘I stayed in the hotel for two weeks because I was so scared.’

Mia has over 70 million followers on Instagram, many of whom even try to troll her.

But according to Mia, ‘these little things do not bother me. All I care about is whether they belong to the Islamic State. If not then fine.

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